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MyTEFL Reviews - Alice SagasAlice S, Maryland, USA

My experience with the online course was exhilarating; I didn’t realize how much I was missing out until I took the course! The reading was very thorough and informative with lots of quizzes. I was given ideas of how to be an effective teacher. Age groups were discussed in relation to how their learning styles affects how quickly they learn the English language which was very helpful to know. The examples offered in the course, showed me how to an effective teacher in the classroom; there were various examples, lesson plans and detailed illustrations. If anyone wants to take an online course, take it here at MyTEFL. You’ll leave the course with alot of knowledge you’ll implement into the real world.

MyTEFL Reviews - AdaAda P.T.L., Bulacan, Philippines

I was already teaching several ESL students when I decided to take MyTEFL’s 120-hour Comprehensive Course. And oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed at all! I got the chance to understand better the techniques that were taught to me in a shorter course that I took prior to TEFL. The tests at the end of every lesson were very challenging and helped a lot in remembering the concepts that were discussed. Right after learning a new technique or idea from myTEFL, I applied them immediately in class and I saw how effective the suggestions were. I gained a lot of confidence in teaching and I appreciated my work more because of what I learned.

The company’s Customer Service was also excellent. All inquiries were addressed within 24 hours and the academic advisors were all knowledgeable and helpful. I am completely satisfied with their service. Impeccable customer service!

And thanks for being so helpful and doing your work with such dedication. You really made my experience here at myTEFL wonderful and worth recommending to other people.

This course was worth every penny! I am so happy I took it!

MyTEFL Reviews - Jessica AlvesJessica Alves Justo Mendes, São Paulo, Brazil

Even though my native language is not English, I’ve always been in love with the language, and since I became fluent, it’s been a dream of mine to teach others the beauty of English. The only problem was, I had no idea how to start teaching. So, trying to improve my teaching skils, I research for a TEFL course that was affordable and had a good reputation. In my research, I found the Mytefl course, and after finishing it, I can say I do recommend this course. It is very clear, with many useful information and tips on how to be a great teacher. I truly enjoyed the course, and the only suggestion for improvement I would make is: add videos, specially of other teacher and their experiences in a classroom.

Oh, another great thing of the MyTEFL is their staff. I only had contact with Tina, but she was helpful, polite and overall, nice! Thank you Tina, I hope to use your placement services soon!

To anyone who hasn’t yet decided, I say, take this course, it’s a small investment for all it brings to you and your career.

Alex Purcell, Sydney, AUS

Honestly, I didn’t think these online TEFL courses were going to be very beneficial. A lot of people say you don’t really need them. Then, I spoke with a friend who recommended MyTefl to me. She took it because she needed an official TEFL certificate to work in her school legally in Beijing. Actually, her school recommended this course to her as well. From lesson plans to teaching approach tips, MyTefl not only gave us both an interesting perspective on the evolution of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but it gave a lot of useful information that she uses in her classroom every day, and I hope to soon. In addition to the course, this program offers a lot of resources for teaching jobs around the world, and the customer service was awesome. The option of being able to renew my subscription to access the material again is a great aspect that I will be able to use at any time in my future career as a teacher. I give MyTEFL two Thumbs up!

James Hall, Portland, USA

I’m impressed with the TEFL course I just completed. The information was relevant and practical. The sections and units move along logically, often building on previous sections. The tests were not too easy and not too difficult. I was able to check up on my marks throughout the course to see my progress. I was amazed at how much I actually took away from the course. I’m much more confident and prepared for my first class. Thanks MY TEFL.

Trey Booth, Austin, USA

So you’re probably sitting there, meandering through every single TEFL review spot you can think of in hopes of finding one that will teach you well after looking at the price of the CELTA and TESOL, and saying to yourself “nah”. After looking at the sheer amount of TEFL courses online, the only question that comes up is “how legitimate exactly are these things?” You can really only go with your gut and what you’ve read previously online, so you press the big red button and go ahead and press “buy”. After completing the course and witnessing the level of professionalism that the company employees have, I really have to give them my highest recommendation.

Let’s start with the course itself. This is a no-nonsense course meant to give you a straight shot into the world of TEFL. You (like me) probably have little to no teaching experience, and this is a crash-course into almost everything you’ll encounter in a foreign classroom. Whether it’s the flow of classroom dynamics, using discipline, teaching complex grammar topics, or simply deciding on a country you want to go to and knowing what to expect within the country, all your bases are covered. This course is very good about “cutting the fat” so to speak, and gets directly into what you need to know to be an effective teacher, and interviewer for the job, which brings me to my next point.

Once you’re done with the course, you’re probably feeling pretty good and confident, so it’s time for the interview process to actually get you on board. This will probably take you out of your element a little if you’re like me, but that’s okay. The staff knows what they’re doing, and not only reach out to give you pointers on your resume and get you looking up to snuff on the professional “look”, but actively help you with the job hunt. You’re able to pick and choose from a wide variety of countries that fit your wants and needs, and they have connections with established companies that aren’t out to take advantage of misinformed expats. I ended up getting an offer I applied to outside of the company, but I directly have Tyler to thank for giving me all the tips and suggestions that helped tremendously with my professionalism and confidence throughout the process.

Next stop, Shanghai.

Laura W, HCMC, Vietnam

When I decided to become an English teacher, I very carefully studied every TEFL course offered before deciding on this one. I am very confident I made the right decision. This course is very well planned and easy to understand, and I was able to check my progress along the way, which made me realise my strengths and weaknesses. The subject matter has been thoroughly dealt with, and MY TEFL offered me support whenever I needed it. Best of all, the children I teach will reap the benefit of getting a well trained English teacher.

Jonathon K, Beijing, China

Great company! Great Course! Even though I’ve been teaching for the past 6 months, I learned a lot from your TEFL course. My classes started getting smoother within a week of starting the course. I’m really glad my school recommended your course to me. Once my contract is finished here, I’ll be on my way to Prague!

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